Gruppe 326



Lagerplatz von Chemikalien Einlagerung Katalysatoren München

Chemikalienlager bei München

Sie brauchen Platz – wir haben ihn! Wir bieten einzelne Palettenstellplätze oder komplette Regaleinheiten zur Einlagerung von Feststoffen in unserem genehmigten Gefahrstofflager, natürlich unter Einhaltung der Zusammenlagerungsverbote. Bezüglich der Lagerdauer

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Storage of catalysts and chemicals

The C&CS warehouse for catalysts and chemicals: Our warehouse is a hub for our services. Our warehouse houses a diverse selection of catalysts and chemicals on over 1000 square meters.

We attach great importance to quality and safety. Our warehouse is operated to the highest standards to ensure the integrity and purity of our products.

Efficient logistics: Our efficient logistics processes enable us to ensure fast and reliable delivery worldwide. Our warehouse near Munich is strategically located and equipped with a modern warehouse management system to ensure smooth processing and punctual delivery.

A modern, computer-controlled filling system with powerful suction and calibrated scales also enables us to mix even difficult products efficiently. Whether decanting, dissolving, grinding, sieving, packaging or the preparation of intermediate products: It goes without saying that all work steps are always carried out in accordance with the applicable legal requirements.