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Trade in chemicals


C&CS bei Nanogap metal-molecules

Bei einem Besuch von Dr. Nickl in Galizien bei nanogap staunte er über die 5-Atom-Partikel mit einer ungemein genauen Partikelgrößenverteilung. Oder soll man besser Cluster,

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Our service for manufacturers of catalysts, adsorbents and specialty chemicals

The four steps of how we as a distributor can use our expertise to help you drive your business forward.

Technical sales


We buy your products in bulk quantities that correspond to your minimum production quantities. According to production and economy.


We take care of marketing, customer acquisition and support. This is how we commercialize your product.

Technical distribution

Our experts advise interested parties on the technical design and application.


We sell your products to operators and system integrators in project-related design quantities.

As a supplier of catalysts, adsorbents and specialty chemicals, C&CS specializes in a wide range of services for manufacturers and producers.

We offer to include your products in our portfolio and buy large quantities, which we store in our warehouse.

Our technical sales department offers comprehensive support for customers who need your products. Our team of experienced chemists has the know-how to understand technical specifications and advise customers on the right products. We offer technical training and product presentations to ensure that our customers receive the best possible solution for their requirements.

We offer comprehensive repackaging services to package and label products according to our customers’ requirements. Whether it’s repackaging large containers into smaller units or customizing packaging to meet market requirements, we ensure that products are packaged safely and attractively.

Our sales team also handles the sale of your products in small quantities, whether to operators, system integrators or other target groups. We offer tailor-made distribution solutions aimed at maximizing the reach of your catalysts, absorbents or specialty chemicals and increasing sales. Our efficient logistics processes enable us to ensure fast delivery and give our customers a competitive advantage.

Our services are also geared towards taking over the entire sales process for you if required.

Contact us to find out more about our services as a distributor and how we can help you grow your business.